5 Best On-Demand Handyman Apps of 2023

Most youngsters started their businesses rather than working in a company. For the development of businesses, mobile apps are mandatory. These exclusive mobile apps are getting trendier among enterprises & service providers. From the e-trade provisions to medical care services, handyman apps have shown merchandising value in reaching end users. While discussing handyman app services, you have to select experienced techies to process the tasks. The mobile apps focus on streamlining hiring proceedings. There is a wide range of handyman apps, the best ones are listed in the upcoming section. 

Generally, Handyman apps provide an optimal solution by rendering top-notch & reliable services to customers. In the earlier stages, the cons were transformed into pros so that professionals can choose the apt handyman service. Before choosing a mobile app, you have to consider four major things. First, the app should help in spotting the location of nearer Handyman. Multiple payment options should be available which is mandatory. The bookings must be processed in advance and possess the facility to organize the services later on. It should be feasible to monitor the service providers in real time. 

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In this present technological era, on-demand handyman apps are skyrocketing and provide top-notch profits for business people. If you have an idea to start your own business, then you can go ahead with the on-demand handyman businesses without any second thoughts. This gigantic business needs websites, apps, and dashboards along with experienced techies. As of now, there are many professionals to satisfy the needs and requirements of customers. In this article, you can gain more information about the best on-demand handyman apps and you can use the apt app for the growth of your business. 

Basic working process of on-demand Handyman app

Working Process

Generally, the on-demand Handyman app is a standard base that directly connects the app users with the techies to process different types of work like cleaning, plumbing, electrical concern, repairing & services, etc. In the present digital market, there is a list of handyman service apps suitable for each household work. The working process is the same as that of Uber and hence it is popularly known to be a Handyman app like uber

Exclusive workflow

Initially, the app user login into the app by giving the necessary details. Then it is important to add the location information. Then the user books the appointment by providing the service type, date & time of service. The app shows the estimated amount before moving on to the booking service. Once the customer is satisfied with the fare, they proceed further on. Finally, details will be displayed regarding the arrival time at their concerned location. 

Essential features to develop MVP

Typically, there are three main users of the on-demand handyman app: Customer app, Admin panel, and Handyman app. It is mandatory to develop optimal solutions integrated with striking features & reliable functionalities. In the upcoming section, we can discuss in detail the features and functionalities. 

Admin panel

Through this panel, the admin can manage the entire set of on-demand handyman app functionalities. The Admin panel possesses a set of differential features like bookings management, handling of professionals & app users, site management, cancellation information, management of reports, controlling of multiple services, tackling of analytics, and regulating of notifications. 

Well-defined management of bookings

The admin can monitor the booking information along with the techie’s details & app user’s details. The fare amount subjected to the past and present services can be viewed seamlessly.  

Handling of professionals & app users

The admin has the right to add and eradicate the professionals who have the worst fame among the consumers. 

Site management

The admin can provide the logo for the website, quality content, description, Uniform Resource Locator, etc. 

Cancellation of jobs

The admin can view the list of bookings. Which was cancelled at the last minute and their reason too. 

Regulating of notifications 

If there is any important event, discount, or offer the admin can send the details to the customers through push notifications. 

The Handyman app 

The techies directly connect with the app users who are responsible for managing the entire set of processes. They accept the service requests of potential customers. Initially, the Handyman can register on the exclusive platform by providing a contact number. To prevent skeptical activities, One Time Password will be sent to the registered contact number. They can add, remove or edit personal information. The payment can be done successfully through the online payment process. The handyman can either accept or deny the request of customers. In case the professionals are cancelling the request, they have to mention the reason either by selecting the available option or entering their reason in the dialog box manually. Finally, the handyman can view the list of routine-based, weekly, monthly & complete-year earnings. 

Customer app

This app possesses multiple features to enhance the best user experience. The customer can view the listed services impeccably. Through the signup feature, users can log in to the app without any complications. Just by providing their contact number & OTP details, they can seamlessly login into the typical app. Through available multiple services, the customer can choose whatever they need. By knowing the estimated amount, the customer can book the handyman. Lists of payment options are debit cards, credit cards, in-app wallets, etc. 

What is the technology used for the app development process?

Flutter is the apt technology used for on-demand Handyman app development. There are multiple reasons to choose the Flutter domain like rapid development, enhanced productivity, unit codebase, integrated community, compliant widgets, etc. 

Best on-demand Handyman apps 

Best 5 On-demand Handyman Apps 


When it comes to the best on-demand Handyman apps, this app stands at the peak position. The Handy app possesses top-notch features along with increased user support. One of the important features of this remarkable Mobile app development is that it allows an individual to book appointments 24/7. The technical support team is available to help their customers. Pre-booking appointment option helps the app users to schedule the process instantly.

The app is available free of cost. In case the users cancel the scheduled appointments, then they have to pay the cancellation charge. This charge is meant for tasks, reassigning of jobs and reliable checks, etc. The pricing scheme is extremely free to use for potential customers. Its striking features are customizable booking, efficient payment process, well-defined planning, view the ratings & comments, and review it. 


It is one of the best handyman apps allowing an individual to recruit talented professionals to maintain housekeeping services. The service providers can tackle everything from the scratch subjected to handyman functionalities. These wide operations include cleaning, furnishing, repairing, plumbing, etc.

Initially, you have to give the requirements of the job and give them to the taskers. Taskrabbit app is the relevant option for app users to stay inter-related with professionals instantly and pay the amount directly through the app. A list of top-notch services is assembling furniture, mounting, delivery, etc. The substantial features are top-notch consumer service, accessing the network of techies, 24/7 support through email, chat, and call, authorized payments, etc. This app works well for Android & iOS app development. 


This app is used all over the world. Porch app possesses home repairs and efficient & reliable services. This app affords an engaging design so that customers can explore contractors instantly. Additionally, you can accept the information with the handyman services.

Through this app, customers can book trustworthy services such as downloading the app & installing it, household repair, Heating system installation, Ventilator installation, Air-conditioning installation, electrical & electronic works, furnishing things, and more on. Additionally, it is feasible to choose the selected timing to process the work from the technician’s team. Lists of reliable features are secured payment options. An efficient login system, GPS location, power-packed exploring options, etc. 


If you are searching for the top-rated on-demand app development of Handyman apps, Angi is the best option. This app targets a wide range of services like installing, fixing apps, cleaning households, etc. It affords professional and skilled techies. The individuals can book the professionals in the local area. They provide trustworthy services at an affordable cost. It is the most spending choice for handyman enterprises. Lists of exemplary features are defended payment options, skilled techies, low pricing and local options, etc. 


This is one of the superior handyman apps that afford important tips for promising customers to process household things efficiently. It manages the overall work possessing cleaning ideas for interior & exterior design. The UI is engaging and adopts the auxiliary value to the exclusive app. Its productive features are different reminder options, customization, scheduling of tasks, etc. BrightNest is available on both the platforms of Android app development & iOS. 

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