On-Demand Handyman Services

While discussing the on-demand services, handyman applications stand at the top-notch place. It includes renovations and domestic repairs. By making use of the latest techniques, gaining services is an efficient one. An individual can acquire multiple services like plumbing, electrician, car services, etc.

This reliable app interconnects with the service providers seamlessly. By procuring & monitoring handyman service apps, an individual can launch the right vision for enviable industries. From Teamforsure, you can get clear ideas to take your business to the peak level. Our team of techies helps you to develop both Android & iOS applications.

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On-demand Handyforall Application for all Businesses


Handyforall is a multi-service On-demand application comes on both native Android and iOS platform. It is a turnkey solution to launch your On-demand handy services application instantly. We can deploy all apps in the cloud. The transaction is entirely encrypted, and they are safe and secure. In the new version of the Handyforall application, we have loaded more than 120+ features into the app.

Multi-use in a single app

By installing the Handyforall application, users will gain instant access to multiple services. Use this single app for numerous services to enhance your business.

Uber For X Script
Benefits Of Our Uber Clone X Script

Multiple Payment

The different payment options are PayPal, Wallet & Cash


Promo Code

The app users can apply the promo code to gain a discount on the total ride amount. 


Instant Notifications

In our exclusive app, notifications will be sent instantly to both driver and traveller.


Add Vehicle Details

The driver can add the vehicle details like Color, model, license plate number, etc.


Chat Option

With this option, the riders can chat with the drivers to maintain effective communication. 


Ratings & Reviews

Once the ride is completed, the rider can give the ratings and reviews for the driver. 


Multiple Currencies

Travellers can choose their preferred currency to increase the business value globally. 


Surge Pricing/Peak Time Pricing

The admin can charge for the surge amount which is a great benefit for the drivers.


Multi-Vehicle Option

Our app offers multiple services like hiring cars, bikes, etc. The user can select the vehicle type according to their choice. 


Vehicle Management

As per the availability of vehicle types, the driver possesses the feasibility of gaining more requests. 


Dynamic Document

Based on the location, the admin can easily govern the documents for the vehicles, firms, and drivers, etc.


Manual Booking

It is possible to book a cab through the call where the admin gathers all the information from the user. 


Schedule Ride

The travellers can book the ride immediately or later on. Anyway, the cab gets booked without any delay. 


Google Navigation

This option helps the drivers in the path of navigation. By using Google Maps, the drivers can move from one place to another. 


Estimated Time of Arrival

The ETA option helps the riders to know the details of the exact time of the ride. Hence the riders need not wait for the driver. 


Fleet Management

Our app possesses separate space for the panel to monitor their vehicles. Hence, an organization can manage a fleet, Payout system, etc. 


Ride Sharing

By making use of this feature, the riders can share same the vehicle seats. A single rider can book two seats according to availability. 


Heat Map

Teamforsure lets the firm gain details about the peak areas by making use of this feature. Hence, the surge pricing concept can be finalized. 


Simple Signup/Login

The riders can easily register our app by using social media sites ID. With the aid of a contact number, the drivers can sign up with the account.


Twilio SMS Gateway

Our app ensures 100% security by verifying the driver and user's contact number. This standard gateway can be used for the Short Message Services.


Multiple Languages

Our exemplary app supports various languages in both mobile and web apps. Based on the location, the user can select their preferred language.



In case of emergencies, this option can be used to avoid negative happenings. The travellers can share their location and emergency contact number.


Live Tracking

This typical option is available for both drivers and app users. From the source to destination, the drivers can track in real-time. Every move of the driver can be easily monitored by the rider. 


Automatic Fare Estimation

While booking the cab, the riders can come to know about the estimated fare. Hence, the cost-effective vehicle can be chosen according to the user's comfort zone. 

Why choose Teamforsure?

Robust development strategies to gain a competitive edge in the Taxi industry

Free Server Installation

After purchasing our script, our team will install the script to your concerned server free of a penny. In just a shorter period, we will process your script live.

Free App Submission

We provide you support from scratch to submit both iOS apps and Android apps in the App Store and Play Store respectively.

Free Bug Support

Our team of techies delivers 100% quality error-free products. In case of complicated issues, our technical team supports you at any time. At the same time, we do not fail to give future updates.

On-Time Support

By different means of communication, we are ready to provide exclusive support. It includes both technical and non-technical support.

100% Source Code

Based on the availability of packages, you can acquire 100% source code. If you need any customization, you can contact our development team and they do the needful.

Native iOS & Android apps

Our techies have developed the features in both the iOS and Android platforms. By using the latest trends and technologies, the apps have been built.

Exclusive support after app rejection

In case if the app gets rejected in the submission process, we will help you free of cost.

24/7 Support

On third-party sites like Server, Payment & SMS Gateway, our team of techies supports you in all the phases.

Free White Labelling

You can remove our company name and logo and replace them with yours to develop your brand.


Do you want to elevate your business? Get help, Save time, Stop Frustration

Features That Set Us Apart From Others

Launch your business instantly

Be ready to launch your business successfully in this gigantic world.


In-App Chat

If the travelers cannot connect the drivers through call, they can contact them through chat.


Toll Calculation

The toll calculation and parking charges can be calculated manually and added to the invoice note.


Tips to Driver

If the traveller wishes to provide Tips for the driver, they can give the cash at the end of the journey.



To avoid trips from certain locations, the admin makes use of this exclusive feature.


Real-Time Currency Rates

Based on the countries, the user can change the currency with the option of real-time currency rates.


Call Masking

Without sharing personal contact numbers, both the driver and the rider can communicate with each other.


Heat Map

This feature helps to decide the surge/peak pricing concept. It provides the peak details of both driver & admin.


Admin Roles & Management

Our app facilitates the option of splitting up work among the sub-admins and assigning jobs & responsibilities to them.


Peak Pricing

In case of situations like a trip in a location, rainy times we assign the peak pricing. It is also known to be surge pricing.


Referral & Management

You can earn a friend and earn a cash amount. Hence, the admin can earn a precious customer and provide the reward for existing ones.


Waiting Charge

If the driver is waiting for the rider's arrival, the waiting hours are calculated and the cash is collected at the end of the trip


Fleet Management

There are multiple options like managing drivers, vehicles, booking process, payment, and other details. Authorized access to analytic is also feasible.



In case of any emergencies, you can contact your friends immediately by adding their phone numbers. A minimum of three contacts is allowed.



By making use of this option, the admin can view and monitor all the details of the panel. Exporting of the report takes place in different formats like CSV, excel and reset the amount details.

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Do you want to elevate your business? Get help, Save time, Stop Frustration

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