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In this era, online food ordering stands at the leading place.

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Our exclusive Dinedoo UberEats Clone is developed with striking features which benefit the business people in multiple ways. Our team of experienced professionals develops the apps on different platforms like Web, Android, iOS, etc. Additionally, it has a different panel for the customer, restaurant, and driver to enjoy reliable services. We provide the script which is ready-made to commence an instant business.

  • In this era, online food ordering stands at the leading place.
  • There are multiple food ordering & delivery apps like UberEats, Swiggy, and Zomato, etc.
  • Most entrepreneurs started to develop their business on the food delivery platforms.
  • The exclusive UberEats Clone software leads to a successful business.
  • It inter-connects the users with the online food delivery process.

Standard Features


Takeaway Option

If the user is willing to take the ordered item from the restaurant, they can make use of this option.


Map tracking

The user can track the driver's activities, whether the food order has been confirmed or not.


Instant pop-up

The user receives notifications like new orders, driver arrival updates, restaurant updates, etc.


ratings & reviews

The user can provide reviews, ratings about the restaurant's food and driver's delivery service.


navigation option

To deliver the customer's orders, the driver can make use of the Navigation option.


tips option

If the users wish to feel given Tips for the delivery person, this feature can be used. However, this feature is an optional one.


dynamic payout

To pay the admin, the driver can make use of this option. From the list of available options, the admin can select it.


restaurant status

Based on the food available, the restaurant can show the status in various forms like Accept Orders or Pause Orders.


multiple langauges

For the user's convenience, multiple languages like English, Arabic, and Spanish are available.



With the aid of social media site options like Apple, Facebook, etc the user can log into these platforms.


driver accept/reject request

Based on the availability, the driver can either accept or reject the delivery request./p>


advance filter option

By making use of this option, the app users can explore their preferred order such as price, delivery options, etc.


profile management

Both the user and driver possess profile management which is available on the web and mobile. They can edit/add/delete their profile details.


payment gateway

Multiple payment options are available like Cash, Wallet, and Credit Cards & Debit Cards, etc. The user can make use of it according to their comfort zone.


support option

In case of any issues or queries, the support team is available to resolve them. The available support options are Phone no, Skype, and Live Chat, etc.


Single pickup multiple delivery

If two different users are ordering the cuisines from a particular restaurant, the driver takes two orders and delivers them at the estimated time.

Why choose Teamforsure?

Robust development strategies to gain a competitive edge in the Taxi industry

  • free-installation

    Free Server Installation

    After purchasing our script, our team will install the script to your concerned server free of a penny. In just a shorter period, we will process your script live.

  • app-submission

    Free App Submission

    We provide you support from scratch to submit both iOS apps and Android apps in the App Store and Play Store respectively.

  • bug-support

    Free Bug Support

    Our team of techies delivers 100% quality error-free products. In case of complicated issues, our technical team supports you at any time. At the same time, we do not fail to give future updates.

  • time-support

    On-Time Support

    By different means of communication, we are ready to provide exclusive support. It includes both technical and non-technical support.

  • source-code

    100% Source Code

    Based on the availability of packages, you can acquire 100% source code. If you need any customization, you can contact our development team and they do the needful.

  • app-settings

    Native iOS & Android apps

    Our techies have developed the features in both the iOS and Android platforms. By using the latest trends and technologies, the apps have been built.

  • rejection-support

    Exclusive support after app rejection

    In case if the app gets rejected in the submission process, we will help you free of cost.

  • all-support

    24/7 Support

    On third-party sites like Server, Payment & SMS Gateway, our team of techies supports you in all the phases.

  • white-labeling

    Free White Labelling

    You can remove our company name and logo and replace them with yours to develop your brand.

Do you want to start your own Uber Eats like a business?

Let's discuss about your business goal with our team to make your dream shape with our Ready to go Uber Eats like app for your business.

Features That Set Us Apart From Others
  • geo-location

    Geo-location search

    To explore the destination place, the users can make use of the Geo-location feature.

  • currency-rates

    Real-Time Currency Rates

    Based on the countries, the user can change the currency with the option of real-time currency rates.

  • business-launch

    Launch your business instantly

    Be ready to launch your business successfully in this gigantic world.

  • time-support

    Efficient driver Management

    Initially, the driver approves the document details like license, insurance certificate.

  • admin-management

    Admin Management

    The admin can easily monitor the business activities and assign job roles to the sub-admins who are mainly responsible for governing the panel.

  • seperate-management

    Separate Customers, Driver & Restaurant Management

    There is a separate view for the customer, driver, and restaurant panel. The admin can add, manage the details of every panel.

  • manage-issue

    Manage Issues

    The admin can add/edit the issues and monitor each minute detail of the user. For future usage, the admin can export & print the complete details.

  • live-tracking

    Live Tracking

    The users can track the driver's activities from the restaurant to the concerned address. The restaurant owners can also track the driver's activities while he is moving to collect the food items for delivery.

Which businesses can benefit from our Dinedoo-UberEats Clone?

"Unlock the Potential for Growth and Success - Empower Your Food and Delivery Business with our UberEats Clone!"


Grocery Delivery


Alcohol Delivery


Pharmacy Delivery


Weed Delivery


flower delivery


Bottled water Delivery


bakery delivery


Medical Marijuana Delivery

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Frequently Asked Questions
The server requirements for the Uber clone script are Linux (Operating System), Apache (Web Server), MySQL (Database), PHP (7.3 Version).
Our Cabily - Uber clone is the aptest one ranging from small-scale companies to large size taxi companies. Any kind of taxi service can make use of fully-fledged & ready to use the software.
We have multiple generating models where you can earn money through the commission model. Similar to that of Uber, the admin can collect charge fees for both the riders and drivers.
From our sales team, you can purchase the Uber clone script. The sales team provides the complete details regarding payment. Based on your needs & demands, you can choose the affordable package.
Teamforsure possesses experienced professionals developing top-notch apps. On any cause, we do not compromise on the quality factor. We also make sure that there are no bugs or glitches in the app.
Of course, your ideas will be confidential and will not leak to third parties. We have earned reputed fame in terms of professionalism; we will never suggest your ideas to other clients.
Sure, once the payment is completed we will handle the app submission on both the App Store & Play Store.
Our project manager will coordinate with the client from the scratch and share the updates every week through Basecamp/Skype.
Our charge amount is confidential, but at the same it is affordable. Once you are connected with the sales team, they will explain everything completely.
Our charge amount is confidential, but at the same it is affordable. Once you are connected with the sales team, they will explain everything completely.
You possess a vision, We possess the means to guide you towards its realization.

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