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The working process is a unique one where the marketing takes place across multiple parties. To deliver the contributors with the best share of profit, it is essential to influence the abilities of different individuals for an efficient marketing strategy. Here, the major three parties involved are seller, advertiser, and consumer.

The seller or vendor is affiliated with a product to promote in the global market. The product can be of any type like service or household goods. The seller will not participate in the direct promotion of the production process. They can make revenue from the profit-sharing integrated with affiliate marketing.

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The publisher can be either a sole person or a firm that promotes the seller's products in an alluring way to promising customers. They are involved in the process to convince the users to purchase the product. In case if the user ends in buying the product, the intermediate receives a particular portion of the profit processed.

The purchases play a vital role in affiliate marketing. The affiliate shares the purchased products on social media posts, like Facebook, Instagram, etc. When a product is procured, both the seller and publisher share the revenue amount. For the sales which are processed successfully, the commission is also received. The authorized paying process is done through affiliate marketing.

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