How long will it take to make an app like Uber?

Do you have an idea to build an app like Uber? This article guides you from scratch to developing an uber clone app. In the present era, Uber is successfully working in more than eighty countries and nearly nine hundred cities. The Statista report exclaims that about three years back, Uber’s profit reached about fourteen billion USD. Generally, most of the Uber’s model is pursue by smaller company to process similar ride-sharing apps. Their main target is to achieve a loyal user base impeccably. 

The overall Uber approach is well-defined by typically simple. They have built a robust solution for the revolutionary cab booking service. Due to its striking features, it has acquired a peak-level position all over the world. During the traditional days, one has to book a cab through a call or search for a taxi going to the taxi stand directly. Uber created a huge online impact and made the ride-sharing process an efficient, transparent, and reasonable one. 

Generally, the timeline of the implementation of different features relies on multiple factors like technological specification. The total number of developers who participated in the Android app development process, the list of features and complexity, etc. It takes nearly two to five months to build an app like Uber. Uber uses multiple programming languages like Python, Java, Node.js, etc. For the main task,Node.js is used for other tasks, Python is used respectively. 

Working process of Uber

 Working Process

Before building an app like Uber. First we need to understand the working process of Uber. Initially, the customer logged into the app successfully and requested the ride. Next, they have to enter the pick-up point and drop location. It is mandatory to select the car type & way of payment and verify the source & destination place. The app explores drivers who are near your locality. The driver can either accept or decline the request according to their availability.

If a driver denies the request, it will be automatically requested by another driving person. Who is nearer to their vicinity. when the ride is over. The trip fee will be automatically deducted from the concerned payment account. It is acceptable for the rider to pay with cash if they so choose.Finally, the customer can give their honest ratings and reviews. The other riders can read these reviews before choosing the trip. 

Highlighted technical specifications

Technical Specifications

To build a scalable & user-friendly app we have to integrate a list of features along with top-notch functionalities that add beneficial value for the users. The most highlighted technical specifications are listed below in detail. For on-demand app development, an experienced professional team is mandatory. The team should possess an Android app developer, iOS app developer, User interface designer, back-end developer, QA Analyst, Business Analyst, Team Leader, and Project Manager. 


Geo Location

This feature uses the contemporary technologies of mapping along with its navigation. iOS app development uses the Core Location framework and Android uses Google’s Application Programming Interface respectively. For moving from one location to another, MapKit and Google Maps are used. Android uses Google Maps & mapping technology and iOS uses Map kit. To sort out the logistic problems, mapping technology is the right one. 

Push notifications

Push Notifications

Once the customer books the ride, Uber notifies through both push notifications & SMS. The push notifications help to maintain track of the ride status seamlessly. With the aid of Twilio communication, an SMS will be sent. An important point to remember is app users will not always receive push notifications. In case the user is not online, push notifications will not be delivered. By incorporating the messages, 100% of the messages will be delivered to the app users. 

Integration of Payment Gateway

Payment Gateway

To be on the safer side, an app like Uber implements the payment system through debit cards, credit cards, and wallets successfully. There is a list of concerning requirements that an organization has to fulfil the needs. It is prominently known to the Payment Card Industry’s demands & requirements. The PCI standards & protocols ensure 100% security of the data along with the process of paying the money. Recently, Uber signed a deal with Braintree for the securing of payments. 

Guidelines for the Development Process

Development Process

Collection of requirement analysis

In this step, the business analysts can collect the details about the client’s requirements. Then you can analyze it in detail and provide an optimal solution. 

Designing Blueprint

Here, the techies construct the basic foundation like scope, timeline, milestones, and developing wire-frame, alluring designs, etc. 

Developing the app

With the aid of coding chops, the development team implements the ride-sharing on-demand app. In this exclusive stage, it is feasible to examine the milestones and provide scalable solutions. 


In this step, quality analysts will test the entire set of features including functionality. Usually, acceptability testing is used to evaluate the modules of the Uber app.


In this stage, the deployment process is carried over to the app stores and satisfies your user base. 

Support & Maintenance

It completely covers the aspect of enhancement which relies on the needs and reviews. 

Detailed information about cost factors to develop an app like Uber

Generally, the cost of building an app like Uber relies on different factors. Like features count, geological location, calculation of hourly rates, etc. List of critical factors on which the cost of mobile app development dangle on Android, and iOS, modernized technologies, features, functionalities, the capability of the implementation team, maintenance and designing, etc.

Overall, the complexity and its concerned features completely affect the entire implementation cost. This one shows a direct impact on the estimation of the timeline. The overall price of building an app like Uber ranges from about seventy thousand USD. 

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In an app like Uber, top-notch features & cost components are mandatory. It is essential to bring ideal values to your target audience. If you are longing to build an app like Uber, kindly contact us without hesitation. We will help our promising clients to develop any technologically enabled app. 


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