How much does it cost to develop an app like Uber?

Are you dreaming of starting a taxi business in 2023? Have planned to develop an app like Uber? Then you are at the right place. In this article, we can discuss in detail the overall process of building an app like Uber from scratch. Here, you can also gain details about the cost of developing an app like Uber. In this present era, ride-hailing apps have become more famous among every one of us. To build an app like Uber, you must research more and more.

Initially, you have to invest a huge amount of money. Apart from money, you have to consider another list of factors too. For the development process, first, you have to hire experienced developers. The Uber apps come under the categorization of Software as a Service app. As of now, these types of apps are the trendier ones and create a huge impact in the present industry. By using the Uber app, one can book a car at any time. Just you have to provide the details of the pick-up and drop location. 

Global head of Ride-hailing apps

Global Head Of Ride Hailing App

Generally, Uber is known as a top-notch ride-hailing app in India and overseas & it does not own any cabs of its own. This platform acts as an intermediate between commuters and drivers. Most people are using ride-hailing apps frequently to reach their destinations. A statistical report exclaims that nearly ninety-three million Uber ride-hailing users are all over the world. There are an enormous number of people using this concerned gigantic service. Additionally, Uber is developing on a massive scale every year. Last year, Uber earned nearly eighteen billion dollars. Year by year, Uber is acquiring huge revenue. 

Working process of the Uber app

The overall working process of the Uber app is simple. 

Working Process Of The Uber App

Book the ride

This step is the foremost one from the passenger’s end. The rider has to enter the destination place. The cab will be easily booked through the app. These kinds of apps automatically save the tedious part of exploring apps like Uber. The passengers will receive the driver’s details like name, contact number, and real-time map. The commuters can contact the driver directly. 


Once the cab arrives at the pick-up point, the driver asks the rider about OTP details. The driver enters the OTP in his app and he will get all the details about the destination. 


The driver will drop you off directly at the destination place. Once the ride is completed, you have to pay for it. You can pay the driver through cash or a wallet. The passenger can give their reviews & ratings about the ride. It automatically makes the driver’s profile better.


Once the ride gets completed, the driver accepts the next ride. As a result, the same cycle will continue. 

General requirements

The developers have to know about Java language, Android Software Development Kit, Application Programming Interface, Extensible Mark-up Language Database Management, etc. To build an app, the list of hardware requirements is a 64-bit environment and 16 GB RAM. The Front-end requirements are HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React JS, Angular JS, and JQuery. The Back-end development requirements are Node JS, JavaScript, C++, Swift, Java, etc.  

What is needed to develop an App like Uber?


Before developing any kind of mobile app development, you have to complete research from the scratch. By researching, you can gain more ideas. 

Develop new features

Once completing the research process, you can develop a set of new features. To shine in this competitive world, you can build unique features. 

How much does it cost to build an app like Uber?

App Like Uber Comes Under Three Categories

Overall, an app like Uber comes under three categories. 

Driver app

The app is exclusively developed for drivers. They can accept the rides, check ride details, get the payment, and track from scratch. 

Passenger app

The passengers can book the ride, search for drivers, pay an amount and give stars & ratings for the drivers. 

Admin panel

Here, the admin can control the app, and examine the reports & analytics. 

Categorization of Vendor

Generally, On-demand app development needs in-depth technical knowledge and more implementation hours. You need the help of professional techies who possess relevant experience in the development of an app like Uber. There are multiple options like freelancers, in-house teams, or outsourcing. First, if you have a plan to work with freelancers, you have to face multiple challenges. You should be ready to face it. While working with freelancers, there is no 100% guarantee for quality. On the other side of the flip, you cannot acquire control of the development process. 

For the in-house developers, you have to pay a salary. Whether they are assigned tasks or not, paying a salary is mandatory. The other challenges are firm costs, bureaucratic problems, recruitment process, etc. For bigger organizations, it may not be an issue. But for a start-up company, recruiting in-house developers may not be an apt decision. If you do not want to waste your time and need a quality product, outsourcing is the best choice. Just explore a vendor and the company will take care of your needs. The best examples of platforms are Clutch, and Manifest. 

Intended platforms

The most commonly used primary platforms are Android app development and iOS. Before selecting the platform, examine the target audience and the most preferable one. You can also go ahead with the development of an app for both platforms. If your target users agree with both platforms and invest huge amounts of money, then you can advance with the building process of the app on both Android and iOS platforms. 

Exclusive features

Generally, a set of features are the most important one when discussing mobile app development. By adding more features, you have to pay more money. 

Technological support

There is a list of technologies that you can use for app development. Trendier technologies like Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence play a vital role in the implementation process. But it costs more, maybe double or triple. 

UI/UX Design

In the globe of mobile apps, digital products should have an attractive look & feel. The user-friendly feature should be an integration of alluring-looking screens, data structure, user flow, etc. First, you have to know about your target audience before creating UI/UX design. The examination of audiences helps to enhance the app like Uber’s development cost. It is more or less similar to that of the building of logos & other classy elements. 

QA & Testing

Generally, QA is a vital part of the development process. In this step, Quality analysts test the app and its entire set of features in different conditions. The main goal is to track the feasible bugs and release an app that is completely free from issues. Finally, an app should satisfy the top-notch features of UI, functionality, better performance, compatibility, etc. 

Cost to develop an app like Uber: Standard features for Riders

Standard Features For Riders

Registration & Login

User registration is the most mandatory one when compared to other features. First, confirm that the registration process is simple and does not consume more time. The other possible options for login are integrating the app with prominent social media sites like Instagram & Facebook. Adding the Google option is the best idea. The entire development hours take about 60-150 hours. 

User Profile

The user profile contains information like personal data, contact number, credit card/debit card details, and profile photo & so on. The user can also edit the information whenever they want. The development time is nearly 50-60 hours. 

Routing & Geolocation 

An app like Uber completely depends on GPS technology. With the aid of the Geolocation feature, the user can easily track the driver’s live location; cab movement, and predict the distance between rider and user. You can enhance the implementation process by incorporating the app with the concerned map element. By roughly, calculating the development time it takes nearly five hundred hours. The hour calculation relies on the set of features. 


Processing on an app like Uber, you have to estimate the payment strategy for the app. To compute the ride cost, you have to consider complex algorithms. It is better to integrate different payment options like Google Pay, Phone pay, stripe, etc with the app. The overall development time takes nearly a hundred hours. 

Push Notification

It is a mandatory feature for any development of a mobile app. By using this feature, you can keep updated with the latest updates like a discount, special offers, and any changes, etc. To develop the features, you can use FCM for the Android app development and APN for iOS app development respectively. The development time is nearly 80-120 hours. 

Passenger-Driver communication 

Once booking the ride, the cab number, OTP, and driver’s contact number will be sent to the passenger. The driver also receives the passenger’s contact number. So, they can contact each other impeccably. During emergency times, this feature will be most useful. The development time is nearly 120 hours. 

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The Uber-like app integrated with the Minimum Viable Product cost nearly fifty-seven thousand dollars. An admin panel is mandatory to manage the entire app. The final cost of development relies on a list of factors, requirements & design. If you are planning to launch an instant app like Uber, kindly contact us. Our team will answer your queries and provide complete details about the project estimation.


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