Which things should you consider while developing a taxi app like Uber?

During the traditional days, we have to call a taxi center for booking a cab or directly go to the taxi stand and hire a taxi for travelling from one place to another. But now everything has completely changed. Just by downloading a Taxi app, we can easily travel to any location. 

The main focus of the Uber app is to provide the best travelling experience for the riders. Developing every step of the cab booking process technology speaks more value. Starting from the initial point of source location to the payment of money, user experience is at its peak level. 

Working process of taxi apps like Uber                                                 

Requesting for Ride

By login into the taxi app, the traveller requests the ride. They have to enter the source and destination place and finally select the type of taxi. The app shows the fare amount so that passengers can carry on accordingly. 

Confirmation of ride

After providing all the details, the rider verifies it and confirms the trip. 

An exact matching process

Uber explores for nearby drivers and sends the request to the driver. The driver can either accept or deny the request. If the driver accepts the ride, a confirmation message will be sent to the passenger. In case the driver rejects the ride, the request will be automatically transferred to the next driver who is available in that concerned location. 

Riding in cab

A push notification will be sent to the passenger’s app about the confirmation of the driver’s acceptance. The driver’s name, cab number, phone number, and real-time location of the driver will be provided to the passenger. With the aid of real-time location details, the rider can efficiently track the cab and also gain details about the estimated arrival time. 

Modes of Payment

Once the passenger reaches the destination, the payment process takes place automatically. The passenger had money in the wallet where the money will be deducted. On the other side of the flip, an on-demand app like Uber provides a list of payment options like debit cards, credit cards, PayPal system, etc. 

Reviews & Ratings

In the end, the passenger provides reviews & ratings through the app. It will be useful for the other Uber riders. It is a vital part of the development of business and increases service reliability seamlessly. 

Steps involved in the process of making an app like Uber

To develop a thriving on-demand cab booking app, it is essential to define a well-defined plan. From the step of establishing ideas to the development stage, we should process a series of steps to achieve the final output efficiently. The below-mentioned steps satisfy your needs and demands. If you need, you can add more steps impeccably. 

In-depth analysis of requirements

First, you have to analyze your requirements from the scratch. For a deeper analysis, you have to go ahead with deeper market research. You have to collect details about the intended mission, unique proposition value, and the demand of the current market. Once you are successfully done with the requirement analysis, you will be clear about the enterprise model and target audience. 


Documentation is nothing but the clear result of step 1. Here, from the business model to the requirements, substantial features and exclusive platforms are written in this step. 

Developing an app

Once you have created the document, you can go ahead with the development process. For app development, you can consult a mobile app development company to develop the app satisfying your needs and requirements. In this stage, you can build the app, test it, and be prepared for the launch process. 


In the testing process, you have to check the performance and test functionality factors. Then the app can move to the deployment stage. In the pre-final stage, push the app to the subjective Play store or App store. The target audience can use it seamlessly. 


Most of them think that the on-demand app development step is the final stage. But that is not true. Finally, you have to promote the app. For marketing purposes, a well-defined strategy is mandatory. 

What are the major features of taxi apps like Uber?

Features of the passenger app 

  • User Registration
  • Cab booking
  • Bill calculation
  • Real-time tracking of ride 
  • Payment integration
  • Notification
  • 24/7 support

Driver’s app features

  • Driver profile
  • Ride alert
  • Notifications
  • Navigation
  • Report

Admin Panel features

  • Managing profiles of Passengers & Driver
  • Booking management
  • Fare management
  • Vehicle management
  • Analytics integration
  • Promotions/Discount
Revenue model

The main target of Android app development is to earn money from the app. Hence, examining the revenue model is important to attain more revenue. In the present market, an on-demand app like Uber’s profit model is one of the leading astonishing models. The calculation of the fare amount relies on several factors like traffic protocols, driver availability, and whether it is a working day or holiday. In case the passenger cancels a ride, they have to pay the cancellation fee. Uber earns profit through sources of advertisement and brand dealerships. 

What are the technologies used for the development process?

Generally, technological integrations, coding language, and other contemporary technologies are mandatory for the development of an app. The best examples of programming languages are Swift & Kotlin. Kotlin supports the Android platform and Swift is only for iOS app development respectively. Coding languages like Python, Java, PHP, and Node.js are pillars for the back end. 

End note!!

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