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Are you aware of Uber? Uber is one of the top-notch apps that have earned good fame and reputation in a shorter period. It is one of the best innovative cab booking apps. Most entrepreneurs have started to make an app like uber. Due to its striking features of simplicity & convenience, Uber stands at the peak position in the gigantic taxi booking sector. Before implementing the Uber app clone, you have to keep a few points in mind. First, develop a Minimum Viable Product Plan & functional prototype. Immediately do not move on to the coding process, define a series of strategies for the development process. Gather the technological stacks, frontend & backend features. Finally, build the app and generate profit. The main goal of the app is to develop an innovative app like Uber

Know about Uber

Let us discuss the Uber app in detail and its operating process. This technique will provide an overall insight into development details. In this section, we can see how Uber plays a major role in the taxi industry. Uber is an astonishing contemplation of customer inclination toward cost-effective transportation. In the initial stage of 2019, Uber earned a profit of about sixteen billion dollars. The enormous Uber industry has taken over transport enterprises all over the world. The recent statistical report exclaims that Uber is already available in five hundred cities globally. In the earlier era, Uber accumulated over six thousand users and completed twenty thousand rides. This accomplishment was not achieved in a single day. Both Android app development users and iOS users can download the Uber app. Anywhere and at any moment, they can book a taxi. Without any problem, they can travel from one place to another. In the present globe, Uber is dealing with nearly ten million rides per day and possesses nearly fifty million users globally. 

Working on the Uber app

Uber app clone

The Uber app is the one-step solution that manages trip requests, connects both driver & passenger, tracking of both driver & traveller’s location, and pays the amount once the trip is completed. In this section, you can acquire the details of the working process of Uber from scratch. First, the customer logs into the app successfully by selecting source and destination. Before confirming the ride, the user can check the bill amount and also choose the type of car. Beforehand, the user can verify both the location and other information. The Uber mobile app development searches for nearby drivers. The driver can either request or decline the trip. In case the driver declines the trip, the request will be passed to the next available driver. The passenger can pay the bill amount through a debit card, credit card, PayPal, etc. Finally, the passenger can provide their reviews & ratings seamlessly. The fare amount is completely effective. 

Replication of features

It is feasible to replicate the entire set of features in the Uber app. The Uber app possesses features for passengers, drivers, and admin. These modules are important for the successful working of the Uber app. The app should hold a landing page where both drivers and passengers can connect easily. In this blog, we have listed the features of an Uber-like app. The features are completely partitioned into three panels : traveller, driver, and admin. 

Significance of UI & UX

Most developers directly move on to coding. This is not a good approach. First, techies have to build a prototype before confusing the code. It helps you to save more on the implementation cost. Building an app like Uber requires well-defined planning that includes technical features and enterprise needs. Next, you have to target the User Interface & User Experience. It is essential to develop an alluring interface for exceptional users. Before developing the code, you have to concentrate on elaborating on UI/UX. Overall, it is mandatory to follow a few guidelines like developing a user-friendly interface and building attractive visual elements and the app’s working flow should be perfect. 

Important steps for a flourishing app

Important Steps For A Flourishing App

Exclusive platform

To build an app like Uber, you should concentrate on developing an app for a typical platform. This standard methodology saves more money and automatically enhances the speed of the present digital market. It is better to go ahead with the cross-platform along with the backend system to establish a Minimum Viable Product impeccably. In overall, it is essential to choose between the two platforms either iOS or Android app development. Go for the hybrid implementation approach & Mobile enabled Backend-as-a-Service. 

Passenger features

In this section, we can discuss in detail the passenger features of the app. Initially, users have to login into the app either through mail or social media sites. Mobile number verification is an important part of the registration process. Next, the user has to enter both the source and destination address & select the preferable car type. There are multiple options like the minicab, prime sedan, prime SUV, and more. With the aid of Google Maps, the traveller can track the actions of the driver efficiently. The passenger can view the estimated bill amount before confirming the ride. From the backend team, this task is a little bit tedious. There are different modes of payment available like PayPal, credit cards, debit cards, and more on. If there is any update the message will be sent to the passenger’s app in the form of push notifications. The update is regarding instant status, discounts, offers, estimated arrival time, etc. At the end of the journey, the passenger can provide reviews and ratings. If the traveller needs to communicate with the driver, they can either call or message the driver. By using the option of Usage history, the passenger can view the details like the history of rides (year-wise, month-wise, and routine-based), payment details, and other statistical and analytical reports, etc. Customer support is available 24/7. In case of any issues or emergencies, the passenger can call the Uber support team immediately. 

Power-packed features

For a better user experience, the following features can be implemented in the future. The developers are working on it and trying to give their best. The driver can explore the traveller’s location automatically and assign it as the source location. The users can cancel the trip after a concerned time of booking the trip. Within the app, passengers can examine the exact positions of nearer taxis. It is possible to partition the amount for a trip among a group of commuters, colleagues, or friends that commence the ride. Just by choosing the time and exact place of source, schedule the ride seamlessly on the app. The passengers can book a trip by using the instant voice command. In case of any emergency, the passengers can use the panic/emergency button immediately. Apart from booking the ride for themselves, travellers can book a ride for their close ones, family members, and friends. 

Driver Features

A few functions such as messaging, call options, push notifications, login access, and instant and support service are developed for the passenger and can be reused for the driver’s on-demand app development too. Additionally, the implementation structure is also the same for both the passenger and driver apps. It is important to verify the driver’s details like driving license, taxi documents, insurance, etc. From the scratch, it is essential to cross-verify each & every document. The driver’s status shows whether they are available or not at a concerning time. Once the passenger books the ride, the alert message will be sent to the driver immediately. The driver has all the rights either to accept or decline the trip. With the aid of an integrated navigation map feature, the driver can explore the rapid route to reach the destination at the estimated time. At the same time, this feature aids to select the best route by considering traffic-free roads. The statistical report exclaims about completed trips, money earned, and in-depth analytical reports. 

Lists of advanced features for the driver’s app

The user can select their most preferred destination and hence the drivers can acquire more orders subjected to that particular destination. If the passenger is getting late to enter the cab, the driver can charge for the additional fees. The forward dispatch options allow taxi drivers to upgrade the workflow. 

Admin Panel

The admin panel is more or less important to the panels of both the passenger app & driver app. The admin handles the entire transaction between the traveller and the driver. It is just like that of the control room managing every step. Overall, the admin is responsible for managing the push notifications, bookings, vehicles, CMS, reviews & ratings, and calculating fare amount, etc. 

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